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Outremer and the Crusades

A substantial quantity of material about medieval history is available on the web. Websites which are relevant to one particular aspect of the Outremer website are linked to the appropriate pages.

A site dedicated to The Story of the First Crusade provides a useful historical framework.

Melisende's Women of History gives thumbnail biographies of 50 medieval women, many of them from the kingdoms of Outremer. Its suggestions for further reading, mainly historical romances, could also be helpful to anyone looking to read more fiction about the period.

A rich source of reference material about medieval French history from the Capetian kings to the Crusades is in French, but is lavishly illustrated. The maps and contemporary images of medieval warfare can be appreciated in any language.

Chaz Brenchley's Outremer

One Woman's Writing Retreat also has an excellent interview, with accompanying biographical details, both of which have some interesting information about the Outremer novels.

The ultimate source for information about fantasy and related genres is the British Fantasy Society.

Other Websites

The main source of information about Chaz Brenchley, his publications and other activities, is Chaz also promotes fantasy fiction as a member of The Write Fantastic, and crime writing as a member of the Murder Squad.

Jean Rogers's other website is The Shadow Gallery.

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