Imperial scouts send postcard home...

Helen, our roving reporter, e-mailed Chaz from Ulaan Baator to say:

"You need to know that your fame has reached these far flung parts. We went into a very small English language book shop this morning and guess what they had on the shelves - Feast of the King's Shadow. I don't think that the poor shopkeeper had a clue why this mad English woman was jumping up and down..."

Helen in a bookshop in Ulaan Baator... ...and in an airport bookshop in Borneo

This was followed by a further dispatch from this intrepid traveller:

We'd just returned from having spent the night in a traditional longhouse, having had not a lot of sleep, as it rained half the night and we'd had to get up early to get to the airport. I popped into the little bookshop and there next to the Jeffrey Archers and Danielle Steeles were 2 copies of the 5th book of the fantasy! How fantastic is that? The woman at the till could speak good English so at least she understood why I was getting so excited.
I'll be checking out any book shops we come across in the Cameron Highlands before we leave Malaysia and will then check out Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

P.S.Further reports inform us that the copy of Feast of the King's Shadow sighted in Ulaan Baator has now been sold. This makes Chaz absurdly happy.

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